Winter Storm Watch in effect

A palpable agitation. Murmurs, visits, Draco sightings. The offer to work from home and avoid the World’s Worst Storm.

Yeah, not so much. I did get to absorb firsthand the Colorado mentality when it comes to snow and driving and work, so that was enlightening. A bit less diehard than Chicago, despite all the Subarus.

On the ride back to my apartment after work, a woman asked me, “Aren’t you freezing?”

I wanted to inform her how warm I was thanks to the invention of layered clothing, but by the time her question sunk in, I was already gone.

As far as winter bike commuting goes, I’ve got to say that having so many trails is incredibly stress-reducing in the winter, so as to not have to contend with cars on the road. My 6-mile commute has maybe .4 mile on streets. The rest is Boulder bike path.

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2 Responses to Winter Storm Watch in effect

  1. Eamon says:

    Yeah, my question would be the opposite of that lady’s: don’t you sweat like a madman? Do you shower before work?

    • We’ve got a shower in the office, but honestly I’ve only used it twice. It’s been cold enough that even during hard lunch rides I don’t come back super sweaty. That will change once spring rolls around.

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