A trainerless December…

and there’s reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.

I just gave my bike trainer (that which turns any bicycle into a stationary exercise bike) to my friend Meredith. She’s been fortunate enough to earn a living by dancing ballet, but unfortunate enough to have severely injured herself last year, requiring a major surgery. Long story short, she’s now got a cadaver’s IT band, or some such piece of dead-person tendon. She had mentioned wanting to ride her bike indoors for some easy cardio during her rehab, and what’s weird is that I was able to just give her mine to use. Why is this weird? Because normally by this time in the season (season roughly starts around Thanksgiving for me), I’ve ridden indoors on the trainer 12 or 15 times already. This is the first December since I started seriously racing/training that I’ve gone all December without riding indoors. So I haven’t a use for the thing.

And that’s not for a lack of riding in general. I had 20 legit outdoor training days, my CTL (geek alert! it’s basically a measure of how much total training I’ve put my body through) is higher than it usually is in the middle of February, and only one bike commute to work was sketchy, and it wasn’t even sketchy because I can take bike paths 90% of the way to work. Three cheers for high desert climates, and to livin’ the dream in Twenty Thirteen.

Yeaaaauuhhhhhh. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhuuhhhhhhhh. Yeeeaaaaahhhhhhhhhuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

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One Response to A trainerless December…

  1. sandra Samman says:

    It sucks here in Chicago! I have not been on my trainer either, so take that! Only difference is that, I have not been on my bike outside either. My stupid back won’t allow for that. Can’t wait to see how slow I am next season.

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