How good is*…

an unintended compliment?

On a group ride last weekend, an acquaintance, Chuck, came up to me and asked me if I had a team for next year. I said I do (that’s for another blog post!). He then relayed to me that his teammate Russell Stevenson had asked him who I was and said he wanted me on their team. Russell is a masters national/world CX champ, got 2nd at Elite Road Nats in 2010 to Olheiser (who won Elite RR and TT that year), and has won NRC races in the past. He surely did not intend to compliment me when he expressed this sentiment to Chuck, but for a guy of his caliber to say/think that after seeing me ride on one group ride — that’s awesome, and means I’m doing something right.

*And so begins a new weekly segment of the MailBackwards blog. “How good is…” celebrates the things in life that are so good. I’m going to try to post these on Mondays, which are typically days that people are unable to think about anything good. Be grateful already.

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