Natural Grocers Cycling Team Will Kick Some Massive Ass Tomorrow

I never announced my team for 2013. I should do that. I’m racing (tomorrow!) with the Natural Grocers Cycling Team. The team’s been around for many years, and lots of cool dudes are on the team. Very much looking forward to racing with them and getting to know everyone. A big natural foods grocery store is our main sponsor.

Mmm, natural foods...

My team for 2013

I got hooked up with the team through Russell Harding, whom I met at the 2011 Tour of the Gila. I won the crit, he won the TT and got on the final GC podium. Fast guy, relative latecomer to the sport much like me.

Also on the team are Alan McCormack, Dirk Friel and Jon Tarkington: former professionals who are still pretty damn quick on the bicycle. Joe Taddeucci, who used to run the show for the elite team for something like eight years before passing it off to Russell; he also seems to know everyone in Boulder who has ever raced a bike. Then there’s some new guys to the team like me, Ian Holt (former Armed Forces, now coaches the USAFA, super fast dude down in Colorado Springs), Erik Hamilton (former Panther, IU graduate and fellow former Midwesterner, fast dude), Will Buick (CU collegiate racer, tall dude), Tripp Wall (won the Red Zinger juniors TT in 1986, making him at least two years older than I am). I’ve only met most of these guys once, and I know I’m actually forgetting at least one other guy. But it’s a good squad. Should be fun. I think we’re going to win tomorrow.

Forecast is calling for cool and rainy. Appropriate.

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