Little Mac

These last two weeks have been busy. We’ll start from the top!

My good friend (not just my friend, I’m qualifying her with “good”) Amy came to visit. Yay, visitors! It’s a good thing she isn’t one of the regular readers of this blog (i.e. she isn’t me), because I’m about to make fun of her a ton, and call her a ginger. Just kidding, Amy, you don’t have red hair! I lie, she totally does. The kind that gets complimented by total strangers. I suppose if you take into account my stunning good looks, she and I are quite similar in that regard, getting complimented by random folk alllllll the time, to the point that it almost gets a little old. I know, girl at the checkout counter, I am incredibly attractive and have fantastic eyebrows, tell me something the gas station attendant didn’t already tell me today! I digress.

Amy visited. We’ve lived somewhat parallel lives in that we worked together in Chicago, and then I told her all about how I wanted to leave and go to Colorado, and she was all like, Hey, that’s a good idea, Liam, I am going to steal it and then she got a job in Omaha, Nebraska, and moved out of the state before I was able to. It was like a friendly punch to the face. But then I got a job out here in Colorado, and moved, and all is well. So we’ve both been in new states, with new friends, new surroundings, lots of bike riding (you’re welcome) and it was good to catch up and hear how our lives have been similar since their previous intersection in the middle of 2012.

We hoped for good spring weather, and we got GREAT weather. For skiing.

Inches upon inches of snow fell, but that didn’t stop us from being awesome, eating sushi, hiking through snow, climbing trees, driving into RMNP, and enjoying ourselves thoroughly.


We hiked, and it was only natural to climb this superbly-climbable tree. It was slick. We didn’t get too much higher than what’s depicted in the photo.

Tally ho! Hey, it really IS a racing snail!

I wish she were wearing a top hat, because it already reminds me enough of The Neverending Story

It wasn't even sunny, but gosh the snow is reflective!

Hiking through the snow in Chautauqua Park in Boulder.


This was as far as they’d let you drive in the winter on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park. We basically owned the place, because who in their right minds drive in this kind of weather? In related news, I love my Subaru. Also, if you think it’s narcissistic of me to put just a photo of myself on this weblog, be aware that Amy actually makes 100% more appearances in this photo than I do. Aviators.

When I dropped her off at the airport and sobbed the entire drive home, completely unable to see where I was going through all the tears and gasping but simply listening for the nearby honks and not running into them, I realized it’s not necessarily Chicago that I miss, when I “miss Chicago.” It’s my friends.

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2 Responses to Little Mac

  1. I actually registered with wordpress so I could “like” this. Good read.

    • Wait til I write one about you visiting, and I lambast you with my wordly punishment!

      Thanks for registering to like my post. I would register with Facebook so I could “like” your posts, but I can’t actually read your posts in the first place to be able to register because Facebook is dumb.

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