Haystack TTT

Today was the Haystack Team Time Trial. Natural Grocers’ squad consisted of me, Dirk Friel, Jon Tarkington, Erik Hamilton, and Russell Harding. Strong group.

We did OK, despite not riding together once before the gun went off.

Still awaiting results (and photos) as they hadn’t posted times when we all left. Fun stuff, though. Five can enter, three must finish. We finished four. Two of the best time trialists in the country, Tom Zirbel and Chad Haga, were in a foursome that went off one minute behind us. I was at the front maybe 18 (of 22) minutes into the thing when I saw the towering hulk (Zirbel) with Haga and one other guy in tow shoot by us. That third guy (not a pro) obviously held those guys back, so we ended up passing them, getting passed, and then passing them again before the final turn. That was fun: trying to disrupt the two and make them accelerate too much and perhaps drop their third rider — remember, the time is taken when the third rider crosses the line, so Haga/Zirbel knew they couldn’t gun it as hard as I’m sure they would have liked.

My favorite part of any time trial is the random saliva that inevitably drips down one’s chin. The pace is too high to notice anything other than RIDE REALLY HARD but as soon as I cross the line, I’m always like, What’s all this spit doing all over my face? as I wipe it with a sleeve.

Someone (Hemingway? Dorothy Parker?) once said, I hate writing; I love having written. I sometimes think about how the feeling after a time trial is so much more pleasant and endorphin-filled than the pain cave you encounter while actually putting in the effort.

I hate riding; I love having ridden. 

Totally not true, as I love the actual riding part, too. But it’s kind of applicable, I think.

Hilly road race tomorrow, down on the grounds of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I haven’t been to the Springs since I stayed with a kind family there while on my bike tour seven years ago. Hard to believe that was seven years ago. Quarter of my life. I still remember both the breakfast burritos and the weird-tasting spring water in Manitou Springs.

Oh, also, I’ve got some visitors coming next week. Yippee! It’s going to be fun.

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