Les Petite Victoires

I had visitors this past weekend and—silly me—I didn’t take one picture of us all. Cady and Jannette stayed with me, and Mia stayed with a friend who, like me, recently moved out here.

It was a training camp for them, and I helped them with routes, and rode with them a little bit. Sadly we got eight more inches of snow these past couple days, so their Monday and Tuesday weren’t quite the bluebird days they were hoping for. But they were able to see some of the iconic climbs of the area. No Flagstaff though, so ladies, you have to come back. YOU MUST!

The “full circle” moment is that Cady’s husband John roomed with me at San Luis Obispo camp in 2010, the first time I went out there. Now here they are married since last year, and she roomed in my apt for a similarly hilly training camp.

We also ate at The Kitchen here in Boulder. Dayomn. Really good octopus. And the halibut was stellar. I recommend the place to anyone who likes food. Unfortunately for some people’s taste buds, that isn’t everyone: can you believe some people just eat to survive? We also ate at Pizzeria Locale, where we were all able to share in one another’s pizza choices, and drink wine, and I was able to walk into a restaurant with three gorgeous girls on my arm and pretend like I have skills with women, at least for an evening.

I am now the proud owner of some LPV socks and water bottles. They will serve me well when I go race Joe Martin this weekend. After that, it’s Gila time.

Starting to get nervous, and that’s good because I haven’t gotten nervous before a race yet this year. I feel good. Should be fun.

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