Gila, Day 4

Criterium. Shortened from 30 to 27 laps.

Three goals:
1. Don’t crash
2. Don’t lose time to anyone important
3. Win some cash money

I accomplished number one, but just barely. Taking the fast downhill turn, I was leading it out, taking the standard outside-inside-outside apex turn that you would when it’s single file and you’re the first one through. Super skinny dude in green had other ideas. He chopped me inside, without making a peep, and I collided with his bars at 30+ mph while leaning the bike over. I’m amazed at my own bike handling skills because I surely should have crashed.

I lost time to two important guys, as Colby Pearce and the Spanish guy who’s in 2nd on GC snuck away and went 1-2, putting 25 seconds into everybody. The battle for first is very close now.

I was near the front at the beginning of the race, so I took two early premes, quite easily, by attacking up the hill on the backside and coasting across the line. Yay, $100!

Tried to save it as much as I could, since in one hour I will do the final, huge, 103-mile, 5-categorized-climb motherlode that will determine final GC placings. It will be fun. Hope my legs feel good!

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