Peter Sagan loses too much

Tuesday night I was eating dinner with my friends William and Charlotte at the Kitchen Next Door in downtown Boulder. Two guys walk by, and I just catch a side glimpse of the one closest to us. Looked like Peter Sagan. It would make sense, with the USA Pro Challenge having just ended. Minutes later, after scoping out a place to eat, they walk past us again, headed to Pasta Vino.

“Peter,” I call out. He turns, I congratulate him on winning, and then end the conversation with a joking, “You win all the time, you need to lose more to let other guys have a chance.”

Completely stone-faced, Peter Sagan responds: “No, I lose too much.”

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2 Responses to Peter Sagan loses too much

  1. Oh my gosh what a wild run in, and kind of hysterical story!

  2. Bob O says:

    Buy Froome a dinner if you see him Liam. He’s in town too

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