Whereabouts hilarabouts

I backpacked up in Rocky Mountain National Park two weekends ago. Whenever I deviate from my previously submitted whereabouts, I need to update the anti-doping authorities with where I’ll be. Generally I’m headed up into the mountains, a cell-reception morass with very few actual addresses.

I’m not sure anyone is actually reading these things when I send them to USADA, so I figured I’d post the gem here. I’m supposed to give times and locations, which can be a bit difficult when you’re camping, waking up to sunlight, not looking at a clock for three days, and only vaguely aware of where you truly are at any moment. Here’s what I told them:

I leave today after work, at 1pm, driving to the Wild Basin Summer Trailhead, at 40°12’30.6″N 105°33’59.1″W, aiming to get there by 3:30pm. Hiking the Wild Basin Trail toward Thunder Lake, stopping at the Pine Ridge campsite (see coordinates below).

Upon awaking and making some coffee and hot chocolate, and maybe eating a Pop Tart or two, we’ll continue our hike at roughly 9am toward Thunder Lake, ditching our camping gear at the North St. Vrain campsite before continuing on to Thunder Lake. If you do come test me then, be aware you’ll need snowshoes to get up there. Rangers said there’s still a lot of snow once the trail gets steep. After fishing at Thunder Lake, from maybe noon until 4pm, we’ll hike back down and make dinner at camp, and then sleep.

Sunday, we’ll wake up when the sun hits us, head toward Ouzel and Bluebird Lake at possibly 9am, do some more fishing, head back to check out Ouzel Falls and Calypso Cascade before getting to Tahosa, our campsite for the evening. Stars are supposed to be beautiful up there.

Monday, we will wake early, head back to the car, and drive back to Boulder for regularly scheduled activities (work/training per Whereabouts) by 9am.

Pine Ridge backcountry campsite – approximately 40°12’01.9″N 105°35’16.5″W
North St. Vrain backcountry campsite – approx. 40°12’29.3″N 105°37’02.7″W
Tahosa backcountry campsite – approx. 40°11’57.1″N 105°35’32.2″W

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2 Responses to Whereabouts hilarabouts

  1. Eamon Donoghue says:

    Catch anything?

    • Not a thing. One of the lakes we snowshoed up to was almost totally frozen over still. There were surely some large fish underneath, it was just difficult to actually get a fly down to them.

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