Pan-American Continental Championship team selection

This is big. My first international competition, first time representing the United States, first time to Mexico.

While just making the team was reason to celebrate, I liken it to a football team getting to the Super Bowl (yes, I just likened something I did in track racing to the Super Bowl. If anyone would like to file a complaint, I will be spending my millions of dollars and answering hordes of media requests from the comfort of my mansion, thank you). Just getting there is pretty neat. But that wears off quickly, and you soon realize that you need to win the football game, and focus incredible amounts of mental energy and preparation for winning that football game, even though you know you’re about to enter something slighty wacky and totally unlike most normal football games you’re accustomed to.

So that’s me. This is another dream box checked off, but unfortunately for my legs there are still a few other boxes I’d like to tick. So I need to do well in September in Aguascalientes, because I will not rest until I race Worlds. Best way to ensure I get picked to go there, wherever there may be (thanks, UCI, for telling us so early!), is to get a medal.

Podium or bust.

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