Aguascalientes, Day 2

We went to the track this morning for a brief training session. I meant to take a photo, but didn’t. Whoops. Use your imagination until I get one tomorrow.

Putting on the USA jersey for the warmup was an incredible feeling. There’s a little inscription on the bibs that says You are representing the United States of America, just in case the large USA on the front and back, the flight to Aguascalientes, and the huge team of USA staff failed to hammer home the message. Having all that support is otherworldly, too. There are two coaches, two mechanics, two soigneurs. So it’s real nice. All I have to worry about is racing my bike.

The airline lost my bag. Well, it’s Whitney’s bag, but I’m borrowing it. I guess the initials inscribed on it actually stand for “Whoops, Can’t Deliver.” Vigo, one of the soigneurs, went to a grocery store and bought me a toothbrush for today, so that was very helpful. My mouth no longer feels like the bowels of an elephant. I could go for a clean pair of boxers, though, you know? And these fingernails are getting long…

Other than that, today was low key. I took a massive nap after lunch because I had some trouble getting to sleep last night. Just sat there in bed, my mind racing. The good news though, is that I’ve already worked out pretty much every way the scratch race could possibly play out, in my head, so I’m prepared for early attacks, late attacks, lapping the field, and even a donkey getting loose inside the velodrome and breaking the boards in turn 1 before accidentally starting a gas fire, causing us all to have to bunny-hop our track bikes over 12-foot flames. Prepared for anything.

During our drive back to the hotel, we saw a circus going on in a parking lot nearby. It wasn’t actually going on, but it maybe will be tonight. So it was festively quiet. There were tons of big cats, six of them (lions) in one cage draped across one another. “How bummed must those animals be?” Jake asked, rhetorically, because when a gigantic lion is sitting in an 8×8 cage roughly the size of the bed I’m currently typing from, she’s likely very bummed and that question needn’t be answered. Haven’t really seen too much else in Mexico, though, and very much doubt I will see anything other than the road to the velodrome, and on Saturday the road to the airport.

Because my brother lives in Spain and I’ve visited him many times, my brain automatically speaks Spanish Spanish, rather than Latin American Spanish, so surely these waiters wonder why I keep saying “grathias.” Ah well.

Who dat?

The hologram in the center says that I am genuine and authentic. Aw, thanks, hologram!

Racing starts tomorrow with the male/female team sprints and women’s scratch race. Will be fun to watch. Matt, Dave, and Danny came straight to Mexico from Europe, where they’ve been honing their team sprint, and this track is damn fast.

Team meeting time.

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2 Responses to Aguascalientes, Day 2

  1. Kevin says:

    Good Luck Racing!!!

    Kevin & Pam

  2. Steven H says:

    Don’t you mean a burro getting loose??

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