Aguascalientes, Day 3

This is overdue, the WiFi has been acting weird, so I couldn’t get on yesterday. We went to the track in the afternoon, it is BLAZING hot inside that thing. Our thermometers read 90+ degrees. Celsius! Just kidding, we’d be dead. Fahrenheit. After a training session, Bobby, Jake and I rode back to the hotel on our road bikes, as we’re staying just a couple miles away. It was probably 20 degrees cooler outside than in.

Early this afternoon I have a qualifier for the scratch race. Assuming I make it in, we then do the Scratch Final tonight at like 5 something central time. We didn’t have any luck finding a streaming feed yesterday, so I don’t think anyone will be able to watch it.

Bobby does the pursuit today, and if his warmup laps yesterday are any indication, he just may have a shot at breaking the American record held by Taylor Phinney. This track is not only blazing hot, but it is blazing fast. The shape is super smooth and calm in the turns, so you’re not fighting that centrifugal force as much as you do on other tracks; it’s at altitude (~6000 feet); the heat makes it faster; and they pressurize the place, which I think does something scientific or something to fastisize the velocities.

So I’m sitting in bed now, gearing up mentally to do this qualifier. Should be good to get the legs going, shake the cobwebs out, cliche cliche cliche, etc.

Promise I’ll get a photo this time.

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One Response to Aguascalientes, Day 3

  1. Amanda says:

    Go Liam!!!

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