Aguascalientes, Scratch Race: Part D’oh…s

I didn’t crash.

I didn’t get dead last.

That’s about all the good I can say about my scratch race final tonight. I didn’t have the legs, but raced like I did. Tried to get a move going midway through the 60 lap race, but immediately regretted it. I couldn’t hold the pace necessary to take a lap, and neither could my breakaway companions. So we all came back to the field.

I tried to stay near the front, and it’s a good thing I did, because about 6 or so guys all went down in a big crash.

It was all behind me, so I don’t know how it happened or why (maybe I do know why: what Newt Cole would call “big engine, little rudder” syndrome), but I was thankful to again escape carnage. There were a lot of yellow flags up, and some guys seemed hesitant to pick up the pace, likely because they had a teammate down on the ground and wanted to give them as much time as possible to get a wheel change, pick themselves off the floor, and get back in.

My legs sure crashed. Hard. I couldn’t do anything my brain wanted to do, so I patiently bided my time, hoping i could give it one last go at about 5 to go, if there was ever a lull.

There wasn’t, really, and so I struggled to even maintain my terrible 15th-placed position in the finale. I don’t even know what place I finished, but it wasn’t in the Top 10, and it wasn’t last.

At dinner I read a good quote in a magazine I was reading: You can fail at something the first time, but take credit for trying.

I take full credit, but damn if I don’t want a redo. And maybe knowledge that I would be at this race back in February, so I could have trained better.

Bobby won gold in the pursuit, though he did not set the American record. The women also followed that up with a victory in the team pursuit. So we’ve got two medals, still hoping for a bunch more. I’ve got the points race qualifier in the morning, hoping I can make it and then help Bobby, who will be joining me, to another gold. God knows these legs won’t be able to get a medal themselves. Though stranger things have happened. Should be another fun one.

I’m just continuing to take this all in.

P.S. There’s now a very noticeable scuff on the right side of my shoe. Got pushed into the board, and the shoe was the first contact point.

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2 Responses to Aguascalientes, Scratch Race: Part D’oh…s

  1. Kevin says:

    Glad you didn’t crash! Shake off this race and kill it in the PQ this morning!!!!
    GO LIAM GO!!!!

  2. Steven H says:

    Sorry to hear about your shoe. 😦

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