Putting the DRAISER in “Fundraiser”

Wait, no, we’re putting the FUN in fundraiser!!!

If you’re in the Boulder area, you should stop by. I just might pour you a beer.

Come to Rocky Mounts on Wednesday, it'll be worth your while.

Come to Rocky Mounts on Wednesday, it’ll be worth your while.

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Adelaide’s recovery fund

If you have some spare cash, and/or read Kennett’s harrowing account about the day his girlfriend Adelaide got hit by a car, I encourage you to donate to the recovery fund. Even $5 means a lot when 1000 people all do it. She’ll likely have to front a substantial amount of money in medical and legal bills, and this will at least help ease some of that burden.

Adelaide’s recovery fund

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I have a friend/co-worker (who is dating another friend/former co-worker) named Adelaide. She was in a terrible car-on-bike accident over the weekend. She’s alive, and it doesn’t sound like she’s lost vision or had any neurological damage, but her face took the brunt of the trauma, and she’s already had one (two?) surgeries, with plenty more to come.

This is my friend Kennett’s story. He is the boyfriend (soon-to-be-fiance, eh?) of Adelaide. It is quite difficult to read, especially the closer you are to him and to Adelaide, but it’s a gripping, touching, incredibly heartfelt and well-written account, ultimately of love in the face of an impossibly difficult and tragic day.

Adelaide, Kennett, and all the Perr family are in my thoughts.

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